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Our current commercial properties

PROJECT Immobilien Gewerbe AG

Benefit from the expertise and experience we have gained as project and property developers for a vast range of real estate projects in Germany’s metropolitan areas. We offer you state-of-the-art commercial properties in locations with a bright future – turnkey, commission-free real estate built with users in mind. We focus on fast-growing locations with a distinct identity and a future-oriented outlook, creating the best possible working environment for you and your employees thanks to our efficient floor plan solutions. With so many attractive rental properties to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect office for your company. Our commercial properties are also an attractive investment – just get in touch!

Purpose-built office spaces in the locations of the future

Our mission is to develop efficient, adaptable office buildings for your business concepts. Our sustainable real estate developments thus focus upon locations with the most promising prospects from a development perspective.

We deliver a high level of space efficiency and ultra-contemporary furnishings to create functional commercial spaces that cater for the needs of forward-looking tenants and investors. When designing our commercial properties, our aim is to achieve the highest possible degree of flexibility. We join forces with our architects to develop tailored solutions that use space in the most efficient way possible and that can be adapted or extended flexibly to suit tenants’ wishes.

Perfect space efficiency

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Our office concepts are designed with efficiency in mind, helping you to minimise your floor space requirements and save money on a monthly basis. Your benefits:

  • office facilities tailored to your needs
  • adaptable layout options
  • free consultation
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Michael Weniger becomes CEO of PROJECT Real Estate AG

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PROJECT Immobilien is once again among the top 10 largest property developers in Germany

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PROJECT Immobilien Gewerbe AG begins letting office space in “GIRO”/ Techno Terrain Teltow

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PROJECT Immobilien Gewerbe AG was awarded the German Participation Prize 2017 in the project development category by the trade magazine "BeteiligungsReport".