PROJECT Life Stiftung donates to non-profit initiative in Berlin-Adlershof

During PROJECT Immobilien Gewerbe AG’s summer festival last Thursday, 21 June 2018, PROJECT Life Stiftung held a donation ceremony at the site of the new “NUBIS” office building on Franz-Ehrlich-Strasse 5–9 in the Berlin Adlershof Science and Technology Park. As part of PROJECT Immobilien Gruppe, PROJECT Life Stiftung has been committed to social initiatives at project development sites for more than ten years.


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In the presence of District Mayor Oliver Igel, Cornelia Sorge and Patrick Will, Directors of PROJECT Immobilien Gewerbe AG, presented a donation cheque over 5,000 euros to the “Internationale Abende – Adlershof hilft” initiative, which promotes the integration of refugees in work and education. The donation was gratefully received by the voluntary head of the initiative, Kezban Saritas, who also manages the Zentrum für Photovoltaik und Erneuerbare Energien [centre for photovoltaics and renewable energies]. The initiative was launched by WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH, Dr Zacharias and his law firm, and Forum Adlershof e. V. to connect refugees, who are willing to work and study, with companies, scientists, students, aid organisations and volunteers.

At their summer festival, which was attended by around 85 guests, PROJECT Immobilien Gewerbe AG also held a World Cup betting game, in which an additional 50 euros was donated to the “Internationale Abende” initiative for every successful bet. Contributions from over 50 guests could thereby increase the donation by around 2,700 euros.

“NUBIS” comprises 17,400m² of office space, split into three construction phases. The first tenants have already moved in to the first construction phase. The remaining two construction phases will be handed over at the end of 2018. In total, PROJECT Immobilien Gewerbe AG is currently developing over 100,000m² of office rental space as well as three hotels in six locations in Berlin and Brandenburg.
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