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Contribute to environmental and climate protection and reduce the ecological footprint: With this overarching goal, the PROJECT Group has published a declaration of conformity in accordance with the criteria of the German Sustainability Code (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex – DNK) and received the official seal of the DNK for the reporting year 2020. The sustainability report covers the ecological, socio-economic and political aspects as well as aspects of corporate governance that are relevant to the achievement of the sustainability goals and are currently implemented by the PROJECT Immobilien Group and the PROJECT Investment Group and will be implemented in the future.

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“Achieving climate goals is a high priority. We include environmental aspects in our business decisions so that we comply with or exceed applicable environmental laws and regulations. We strive for responsible and efficient use and procurement of natural resources in the production and marketing of our products and services,” explains Markus Schürmann, board member at PROJECT Investment Group.

“In our daily work in the real estate business, we want to reduce waste, ensure efficient energy and water use, consider recycling and consistently improve our carbon footprint. Sustainability initiatives are now a must for any company that thinks long-term," adds Dr. Matthias Schindler, board member at PROJECT Immobilien Group.

More information on the topic and the current sustainability report can be found on the company website.

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