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With our extensive expertise and our passion for property development, we create functional offices under the leadership of an experienced management team. Directors and their CVs

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About us

PROJECT Immobilien Gewerbe AG develops offices and commercial properties in Germany’s urban centres. From plot acquisition to leasing and subsequent sales, everything comes from a single source. All our planning services, project management and building management services are also executed in-house as a matter of principle. We finance all of our projects in cooperation with the PROJECT Investment Group, with funds generated exclusively from our own capital. Our company and its dedicated team create room for forward-looking companies, giving you a home for your success.

Sustainable urban development based upon regional expertise

All properties have a direct relationship with their surroundings. Every new project we pursue is planned in accordance with the specific local and regional circumstances. This is the only way to ensure the property is successfully positioned in the market and to safeguard long-term value for users and investors. We have set up local branches specifically for this purpose.

We are helping to shape Berlin’s cityscape with each construction projects we undertake in the city. Aware of the responsibility this entails, we focus upon the development of sustainable properties that strike a healthy balance between environmental protection and economic considerations.

Social commitment

Another of our priorities is our social commitment to helping to create a liveable, considerate society. Established in 2007, PROJECT Life Foundation supports non-profit organisations and eligible initiatives in our commercial real estate locations, taking action right where help is really needed.

A strong alliance

The PROJECT Immobilien Group operates under the umbrella brand PROJECT Immobilien, developing high-quality residential and commercial properties in Germany’s metropolitan regions of Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Nuremberg. The real estate projects are financed in cooperation with the PROJECT Investment Group, in a relationship based upon reciprocal exclusivity. This arrangement ensures stable financing that is not dependent upon ties with banks or subject to market fluctuations. An independent company within the PROJECT Immobilien Group, PROJECT Immobilien Gewerbe AG manages the real estate division throughout Germany.